Cat & Mouse Productions

Shooting in China

From countryside to rugged mountain, from modern city to business center, China has diversified landscape and unique culture. 

No language barrier = Best bilingual crew + International resource.  

Efficiently production execution = Professional technology + well experienced local crew





China can be an unforgiving mistress for those in production. To foreign productions peering in, it seems exciting and new but with the hurdle of being completely unfamiliar. We are here to get you past such obstacles and provide high level of support for all your production service needs within Mainland China.

China is one of the largest countries in the world, and it has the landscape to match. Within these borders there is a range of panoramic scenery sweeping across the highest mountains to the sandy deserts and into the super metropolis of Shanghai and Beijing.

Shanghai is a world city with a deep history of commercial production. The many foreigners that call it home enrich local casting choices. With all of the 4A agencies having branch offices in Shanghai, and it being the economic epicenter of China, the commercial production market here has been on overdrive for the past twenty years to build upon current and toward future success. Results include very experienced crew that are locally based and the equipment to match.

Beyond Shanghai there are many places to shoot within China to capture the true Chinese feeling that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. There is always a hint of disingenuous when shooting for China elsewhere, and it can really tarnish a spot. We want to help achieve the best possible final work for our clients, and we will diligently strive to that end.

We have the experience and, more importantly, the international sense that is required to accomplish what our clients need when shooting in China. Regardless of how good the tools are at your disposal, without a proper production and execution there will always be challenges that need to be addressed.

We welcome you to Shanghai and China - a part of the world increasingly open to all productions within the global community. There is so much China has to offer that it cannot be summed up in words, and it is our hope that you able experience it for yourselves with us.